Commercial Floor Installation Service Tips on How to Care for Mahogany Floors

Mahogany wood flooring can last for decades when it is properly cared for. Shoes must be taken off upon entering a house, due to the fact that dirt, mud, sand, and other such hard objects could be brought inside and scratch the floor. Wearing shoes does not mean your floor will be ruined, however, making sure you wipe your shoes on a floor mat goes a long way to help maintain wooden floors. Also, try not to slide furniture or other heavy items across this type of flooring. Spills must be cleaned immediately in order to prevent absorption or possible swelling.

When this is used outside, mahogany wood flooring must be covered. As too much exposure will weaken the finish and dry out the wood, which will make it look dull. A commercial floor installation job on a deck should be covered in order to protect it from the scorching sun.

Mahogany wood flooring will warp when put under extreme conditions. When you can, try to keep the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment regulated. There is not much you can do when the flooring is outside. When used inside, a humidifier will be a worthwhile investment in the dry months, more so in homes where heating or air conditioning is often used.

Cleaning mahogany wood floors does take time and patience, but it is not too complicated a job. Sweep it using a soft broom first, after which you can vacuum the floor to remove any dust or dirt you could not catch with the broom. To clean sticky areas, you should consult your floor’s manufacturer for which cleaning products to use. But please note these products do vary between every manufacturer.

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